Monday, June 10, 2013

10. Thank goodness, a meme

Finished my Japanese speaking exam and passed YAY! No energy left for #blogjune other than a fun scattegories meme, provided by buntotinglibrarian. And because I've just finished my class and it's on my mind, this post is slightly Japanese-themed.
A prized souvenir - the interestingly-shaped, ridiculously over-wrapped, caramel-flavoured Tokyo Banana cake
1. What is your name? Renee
2. A four-letter word: Rope, for the rock-climber in me
3. A vehicle: Racing car
4. A city/town: Roleystone, the town (suburb, really) where I grew up
5. A boy’s name (other than your own): Ryo - a Japanese name that I've never succeeded in pronouncing, despite having taught quite a few of them
6. A girl’s name (other than your own): Risa - a Japanese version of Lisa, quite a popular girls name there now
7. Alcoholic drink: Rice wine, otherwise known as sake
8. An occupation: Registered nurse, my partner's job
9. Something you wear: Ring, although not being married (legally) I don't have one
10. A celebrity: Rhiannon, she's ok
11. A food: Rice - I can't believe I ate white rice for 2 meals everyday for almost 3 years...
12. Something found in a bathroom: Razor - couldn't think of anything else
13. Reason for being late (home): Roped into working overtime
14. Something you shout: RAT!
15. An animal: RAT!
16. A body part: Rectus abdominis muscles which my trainer and I are trying to turn into a six-pack

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  1. Congratulations on passing your exam! :D
    I am just posting a comment to test if my brand shiny new work Google + account will let me comment on your blog now... fingers crossed....