Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Digital detox photo gallery

I am so amazed - I made this gallery with html and css and it works! I tried out a few techniques I learnt on Codecademy and it's so satisfying seeing them come to life.  My Photo Page

I had a discussion with a couple of my colleagues today about digital detox. We're about a fifth of the way through the 23 Mobile Things course and we're nearing the end of blogjune, so it's probably about right that this topic has come up! I remember it came up in Twitter chats on the 23 course as well. So I curated a little list of readings around the topic. My colleague came up with the idea of doing some reading (no ebooks allowed!) at the end of the course to reflect on our involvement with all the digital things, so we'll maybe do something like have a book club where we all read a different book on the topic and report back with our reviews and thoughts. Fun!