Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunny winter and small steps

The ocean at Sorrento today

Today was the most gorgeous winter day. I went for a 5k run with my friend along the coast and soaked up some winter sunshine, then we had breakfast at Voyagers Cafe in Sorrento. Followed that up with the weekly shop at the farmers markets and then lunch in the city and some window shopping. When we got home, the balcony was still bathed in light so I brewed some tea and started a new book. Ahhh Sundays :)

Tonight I'm back into learning html and css. I'm so into this right now! So far I have done a bunch of introductory tutorials and projects on Codecademy and Dash and now I'm looking for something that explains everything in a bit more detail. I came across and it seems to be at the right level for where I'm at right now, and has projects that are not done within the tutorial, but rather in real text editors (I'm using TextWrangler on my Mac). Finally I understand what the other tutorials were talking about with external CSS files! Small steps...

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