Friday, June 6, 2014

Book shops and Fridays

Albany, summer

I love my Fridays. I finish work at 1pm, go for a run with my running buddy (today we ran 7kms!) and then walk into the city for an evening of eating, shopping and wandering. I wandered into the new Boffins bookstore and wanted to buy books, but came out empty handed. I can't seem to bring myself to spend $30 on fiction when I know I can borrow it from the library for free, download it from Amazon for $10, or order it from the vendor I work at on Saturdays at a 40% discount. The staff in Boffins bookstore are so friendly and knowledgeable, the store is laid out in such a pleasing and congenial fashion, and the books are the price they need to be in order to run the business. I want to support them. I need a plan. Perhaps I could buy one book a month from them, and get the rest from the library? Yes, that's what I'll do. What shall I choose for my June book? Does anyone else out there buy books from the independent booksellers?

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