Thursday, June 12, 2014

Street Art and Customising Tumblr Themes

Another couple of days of coding and I've been using Dash tutorials to build my own Tumblr blog theme. This was a pretty big project for me! Here are some of the things I learnt how to do...
  • Make a classy header
  • Use 'blocks' to build a Tumblr template
  • Add Like and Reblog buttons to Tumblr posts
  • Add pages to a blog site
  • Assign each post its own permalink
  • Make it all look pretty with CSS
I'm still playing with the tools I've learnt how to use, so my Tumblr site is not live yet. The image in picture above is a photo I took of some street art. Recently the lovely FORM Gallery organised street artists from around the world to come and liven up the city walls. They produced some amazing (and massive!) work - you're sure to see some if you wander around Perth. If you visit the Tea For Tu cafe on William Street in Northbridge, and go up the stairs until you (bizarrely) come out at the ground level cafe alfresco, sit yourself down in a comfy sofa and you'll see it. The sleeping one.