Sunday, June 8, 2014

Stories and Art

Art by new graduates at PICA, Perth

When I work six days in a week I want to make damn sure I enjoy my one day off. Today was full of all the good things. Art galleries, cafes, baking, reading, and time spent with my favourite people. While I was at a cafe, I flicked through a magazine called Dumbo Feather. Do you know it? They collect stories of people who are amazing. It's a great read. Last week, I read something even better, and it was written by library people Heroes Mingle, and is called Weve. If you haven't read it online yet, I highly recommend it. It also contains stories of people who are amazing, and so much more. These two publications got me thinking - why can't more public libraries gather stories, by having conversations with their users. By recording these stories, and with permission, publishing them. Some people have stories that are screaming out to be told, and I for one would love to read them.

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