Monday, May 13, 2013

23 mobile things - Instagram

23 Mobile Thing 2: Instagram - I've had it for a long time but rarely used it, and not at all for social or work purposes. I only thought about the cool editing effects that could be created! Too much editing is not always a good thing though - I'm pretty sick of washed out-looking sixties-style photos... 

I would agree 100% with the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. We are visual beings. We recognise and respond to pictures so much faster than to text (I think I remember learning that in psych at uni...). I read Kim's great introductory post on taking a photo with a mobile device, but when I got to the thinking points none of them jumped out as relevant for my library. So it was with curiosity that I watched the short movie Bond University produced about how they used their Instagram account to 'highlight the library as an integral part of the student experience'.

It got me thinking, could we use Instagram for example to take awesome photos of the library and integrate them into our marketing materials to promote the 'student experience'? Could we use Instagram to take photos to promote our database of the month, our new books, our friendly staff? Could we run some sort of competition? Would there be a chance that the managers would approve any of it? 

Next step - to have a look at Flickr (I've joined the anz 23 mthings Flickr pool) and Snapchat in more depth.