Monday, May 13, 2013

Lurk, Broadcast, Create, Engage

There's lots of stuff floating around the Interwebs at the moment about engagement with social media.

Like this Stages of PLN adoption infographic and article, written a few years ago but still provoking discussion.

Abigail asked, which stage are you at?
OK, so I've definatley been through the stages of immersion (twice...) and evaluation (including irrational frustration that some of my key people are not on Twitter). I think I'm possibly going through the know it all stage again right now with the 23 Mobile Things course. I love the perspective stage, leaving it all behind to enjoy a wireless holiday (gone is that jittery addiced feeling!). And finally balance. A worthy goal. I tried a bit of balance yesterday. After realising that I'd been connected and connecting online all day, I read a book in the evening. But why did by mind keep sneakily returning to my mobile and my Twitter feed? I didn't allow myself to check it, but whatever happened to the days that I could immerse myself in a book and not be distracted by ANYTHING?

One way I've decided to combat this addictive feeling, apart from consciously choosing to switch off when it's sensible to do so, is to be less of a lurker / broadcaster and more of a creater / engager. It forces me to slow down and choose what to respond to, which is whatever moves me to do so. I've been a terrible lurker in the past. But I'm determined to change. Here's my list:

1. Use my blog to reflect on what moves me
2. Post comments on others' blogs
3. Converse more, broadcast less on Twitter and Instagram

Another thing I liked recently was this post on the Forbes website. Jessica's post was called How to be Interesting but I would re-title it Being the Best You Can Be (sounds less like you're tyring to please someone, doesn't it?) or even Things to Consider When Blogging. She's got 10 points, each with a cute little infographic. One of them was "embrace your innate weirdness" - apparently that's what makes us as indiviuals interesting.

My favourite blogs to follow are the ones that have a little bit of personal / strange content as well as lots of professional content. Now to implement that in my own blog...