Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Instagram, or, Showing Off

This Pinterest board photography apps page is just chock-full of good stuff - thanks again 23 mobile things! After following a link to a page about 10 interesting ways to use Instagram for your library, I was inspired to do some showing off...

#1 Show off your books

Instagram in combination with a library Twitter post would be perfect for showing off our new books as, sadly, we don't really have much space for a new book display.

#2 Show off your events and services

A bit boring, but could be effective? At least the message is clear!

#3 Go behind the scenes, or, above the scenes

#4 Show off your patrons (patron photos)

I know this isn't what is meant by showing off your patron photos... but as this is all theoretical at the moment...

#5 Give a sneak peek

Big book sale coming! Start getting excited!

#6 Share your office (or, Library Technician in her natural habitat)

#7 Take your patrons with you

Didn't have anything for this one, so here's how we're using QR codes instead :)

#8 Introduce your librarians


#9 Show off your library space, or, your remaining print journals with 2 skeletons in the background

#10 Turn print marketing materials into digital ones

Lesson learned - Instagram doesn't connect nicely with Blogger. The best blog platform to connect with Instagram is Tumblr, for sure. On a pc there is very little you can do with Instagram. It's truly a mobile tool. Other sharing tools that Instagram works nicely with are Facebook, Email, Flickr, Twitter and Foursquare. For this post I had to use screenshots, too time-consuming :(

I use a pc or laptop to write my blog and that is a conscious choice because I want to take time and whenever possible, go into a bit of depth. Phones are not ideal for that - yet! But check out this awesome movie that I spotted on YouTube. Reality? Not yet, but who knows in the future...

I'll finish with a comment about why I use the Blogger platform. I've had a personal blog on the Blogger platform since 2003 that I've updated regularly and had a lot of fun with. I like to play with the HTML code for my blog, change the code around and learn it. I've got a long way to go with code though, and HTML is definately no longer the flavour of the month as far as code goes. But it's easy and I like it.

Found a great document here called "Is your library ready for a social media librarian?'