Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Instagram, or, Showing Off

This Pinterest board photography apps page is just chock-full of good stuff - thanks again 23 mobile things! After following a link to a page about 10 interesting ways to use Instagram for your library, I was inspired to do some showing off...

#1 Show off your books

Instagram in combination with a library Twitter post would be perfect for showing off our new books as, sadly, we don't really have much space for a new book display.

#2 Show off your events and services

A bit boring, but could be effective? At least the message is clear!

#3 Go behind the scenes, or, above the scenes

#4 Show off your patrons (patron photos)

I know this isn't what is meant by showing off your patron photos... but as this is all theoretical at the moment...

#5 Give a sneak peek

Big book sale coming! Start getting excited!

#6 Share your office (or, Library Technician in her natural habitat)

#7 Take your patrons with you

Didn't have anything for this one, so here's how we're using QR codes instead :)

#8 Introduce your librarians


#9 Show off your library space, or, your remaining print journals with 2 skeletons in the background

#10 Turn print marketing materials into digital ones

Lesson learned - Instagram doesn't connect nicely with Blogger. The best blog platform to connect with Instagram is Tumblr, for sure. On a pc there is very little you can do with Instagram. It's truly a mobile tool. Other sharing tools that Instagram works nicely with are Facebook, Email, Flickr, Twitter and Foursquare. For this post I had to use screenshots, too time-consuming :(

I use a pc or laptop to write my blog and that is a conscious choice because I want to take time and whenever possible, go into a bit of depth. Phones are not ideal for that - yet! But check out this awesome movie that I spotted on YouTube. Reality? Not yet, but who knows in the future...

I'll finish with a comment about why I use the Blogger platform. I've had a personal blog on the Blogger platform since 2003 that I've updated regularly and had a lot of fun with. I like to play with the HTML code for my blog, change the code around and learn it. I've got a long way to go with code though, and HTML is definately no longer the flavour of the month as far as code goes. But it's easy and I like it.

Found a great document here called "Is your library ready for a social media librarian?'


  1. Is there an app for Blogger? I've downloaded the Edublogs app and have been working from that - haven't tried anything fancy yet, but so far so good :)

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Yes, there is an app for Blogger, and I only just discovered it after your question prompted me to look! I must admit I always blog from my pc because I like to type on a full-sized keyboard. But now I will go off and try mobile blogging. YAY! Thanks for helping me to discover that :)

  3. Yes, I find a regular keyboard easier too, but I did write my last blog post on my iPad during my lunch break last week! It's good to know that there are other options available, and in keeping with the ANZ 23 Mobile Things theme we are learning new mobile applications! :D

  4. ...I am also learning to look at your blog in a different browser - I've lost my comments to you a couple of times because Google Chrome was trying to access my work gmail account... :(