Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Silliness, persistance and creativity

Today at work my colleagues and I are starting Week 2 of the 23 Mobile Things course, and the Thing is mobile photos. When I did the course the first time around I hadn't used my phone a lot for photos, but now I reckon I know what I'm talking about, having become an avid user of my phone camera for selfies, Instagram, and blogging and besides that, I really love photo editing apps and putting photos through various apps before publishing them. The silly glasses were added with the Photo Editor- app, and the filter and border were added in PicLab and Instagram. I'm also running the business Instagram page for my sister's lovely cafe in the Perth Hills, which made me realise how big Instagram is, and how it can be used to engage and attract customers. This week I read an interesting article on how university libraries can leverage the power of Instagram, although I don't really see a huge place for it in my library, apart from putting a slideshow gallery of promotional photos on our website. There are people getting really creative with their user communities with this type of social media, and it's so great to see.

Today I got frustrated at work trying to use the new LibGuides2 Beta platform. It seems to keep doing buggy things and I'm trying to work with code that is above my current level of understanding. Lucky there's no rush for the upgrade and I've got a bit of time on my hands now that all of the students are studying for their exams. I heard somewhere that coding requires persistance, and creativity. I'm thinking, sure, the persistance phase is going to go into years before the creative part can start! There will be more to come on my coding adventures...

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