Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baklava & Code

Tonight's baklava

Oops, day 3 of blogjune and I'm doing a late night post… So today I had a much better day with my LibGuides 2 and my coding adventures. For the blog post today I'm going to a quick review of the teach-yourself coding site Codecademy which I have been using for a while now. 

This is a great tutorial site because it's free, it never gives you the answer (the hints are very helpful though), and it doesn't make unrealistic promises (code your own website in 24 hours!). It doesn't try to explain code theory, it just makes you start writing code straight away, and their console lets you see what you're creating as you do it. It does move through the content pretty quickly, so I've been taking notes as there is no way I can retain the amount of new stuff they get through. It's aimed at the beginner with no programming knowledge, which has been good for me. 

You can take a tutorial in various programming languages (HTML & CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Python or Ruby), and there are lots of practice exercises to test your skills. There are badges and social sharing to motivate you (this really works for me) and the exercise come with a dose of friendly humour. I've almost finished the HTML and CSS course, and it's been fun. It's really still the beginning of the journey that I am determined to continue. The baklava was delicious.

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