Saturday, June 15, 2013

15. Not Twitter, but Sourdough

I was planning to write tonight about the new Twitter Analytics, like David Lee King did, but the most interesting part (analytics on followers) wasn't working for me! The automatically generated notice told me there was 'not enough data'. Does that mean I don't have enough followers? I'm offended...

So anyway, now I'm forced to write about what I did today which has no connection to libraries (maybe I can find something...) but it sure was fun - I went to a sourdough baking class with my chefy sister and 17 other ladies and one man. The instructor, Yoke Mardewi, was brilliant. We all ate soooo much and came away with the knowledge, equipment and supplies to make all sort of yummy baked-the-natural-way things like bread (gluton-free, too), muffins, crepes, waffles, pikelet thingys I forgot the name of, burger buns, profitteroles and scones.

The process for making sourdough is pretty interesting. Sourdough bread doesn't use any yeast. Instead it uses a process of natural fermentation that is much easier for the digestive system to deal with and tastes distinctively delicious, as well as staying fresh for longer than modern, commercial breads. Our teacher wrote a couple of recipe books that include loads of background info on sourdough traditions, alternative flours and all sorts of baked goods. I highly recommend her courses if you're in the Perth area and her books too, which, according to TROVE, are in 48 libraries across Australia. There, I knew I'd get the library topic in somehow :)

I guess today also marks the half-way point of #blogjune! I've really enjoyed reading everyone's blogs, and also writing my own, although that has been a real challenge. Somedays after spending the whole day at work looking at the computer, the thought of coming home to the computer is not at all appealing, but I usually find after cooking and eating dinner I'm kinda looking forward to it. What I have found though is that I'm blogging during the time that I would normally be reading a book... well, July will be back-to-books month!

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