Monday, June 3, 2013

3. Mobile mind mapping

This week in my swimming (in the information ocean) course, we're getting started on individual topics with a bit of mind mapping. I have to admit, this technique never really worked for me... I always work by jotting down notes either on lined paper, or much more commonly on word processing software, then reading over them again and again, adding bits and pieces here and there as I think of them. One of the most inconvenient things about mind maps for me is running out of space and not having room to expand my thoughts. But one of the things I want to try again, since I have the opportunity, is seeing if I can think less linearly, and create a wider range of ideas, by following the easy steps available from

It also occurred to me that I could see what apps are available for mind mapping on mobile devices, since I'm also right into the 23 mobile things course at the moment. I've downloaded an iPhone app called Simple Mind and I'm going to attempt to mind map the topic Emerging and evolving technology (in libraries) – mobile platforms. I doubt I'll be able to do some of the things in the recommendations section above (use drawings copiously?) but we'll see. I'll publish my creation in a later post!

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  1. Renee, I mind map on paper (big sheets of newsprint) and can't imagine how I could make this work on an app so I'm looking forward to reading how this works out for you.