Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12. Google kisses and library advertising

Hehe I just did something fun. Do you use Google Chrome? Do you have someone you want to send a kiss to? Google and Burberry have teamed up to make a cute 3D message service. As explained on the official Google blog, they've come up with some cool kiss-detection technology using the camera in your laptop, tablet or phone or the touchpad technology in these devices (recommended to wipe first!). Technologies used in this ad - mapping, email, video, code, animation, camera... and many more I'm guessing. Using multiple technologies to multiply possibilities of what can be done.

So you create your kiss, then choose who you want to email it to, attaching a short message if you want. Then you send it off and watch the little 3D movie thing they've made to show it going on it's way. You can watch it on the map as it travels, and see everyone else's too. The Burberry part comes in when you can choose to apply one of their lipstick colours to the kiss.

Do you ever get freaked out by the speed that Internet technology is developing? I do. All the time. I just watched a video made by Google that contained personalised content for me, from real-time data that it got from my computer. Yep, a video. Wanna try? Here it is. Usually I hate ads and one of the main reasons that I don't own a TV is that I can't stand the constant advertising, but that I liked that one.

What a coincidence that I should come across this in the ANZ 23 mobile things video week! Are there some ideas for advertising libraries that can be gleaned here? I'm off to play with the video apps :)