Thursday, June 27, 2013

27. Infographic test

I can't believe how easy it was to make this infographic with I love how I can create stuff using technology without knowing how to code! (That is one of my future learning goals though...).

Today at work I've been reading further into mobile library technology in preparation for my Information Overload PD course wiki, and also our upcoming FY2014 all-day planning session. But feeling tired now and it's hometime already, so just wanted to share this and once again berate myself for slacking off at the end of #blogjune.

I have been reading again and have now finished Ozeki's complete writings to date. More please, Ozeki san! It's ok though cos I have a couple of VDX orders to pick up from the State Library - one is fiction, Five star billionaire by Tash Aw and the other is not, Introvert power by Laurie A Helgoe.

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