Sunday, June 9, 2013

9. What's in your Japanese bag?

To be honest, I haven't thought about libraries one bit today. I've been thinking about the speaking exam I have to do in my Japanese class tomorrow night, and procrastinating. While the Eastern States enjoy a public holiday, I have a day at work plus a night exam to look forward to arghhh!

I still haven't started preparing for it... apart from packing my bag ready for class. So today I'm doing the bag meme, and thanks to Flexnib for the idea. I thought at first I wouldn't take on this meme because the contents of my ordinary bag are so few and so boring that anyone reading would fall asleep. I actually don't even usually take a bag to work at all, apart from my lunch bag! I know, wierd. But anyway, here are the contents of my Japanese bag...

First, the bag. Bought in Japan, the brand is Gregory, and I mention that because this bag looks as good as it did the day I bought it, about 5 years ago. It's so damn tough! This bag was lugged from classroom to classroom for years, stuffed beyond capacity with English textbooks, flashcards, games and other assorted junk, and generally treated without respect. The strap is basically a seatbelt (and you know how tough they have to be) and the rest is made out of some sort of army canvas, but still manages to look like just a regular bag, which it's not. It's ongoing pristine condition leads me to believe it's magic. 

My Japanese textbooks. I've been learning Japanese for around five years, three of those while actually living in Japan, and I'm still somehow on the  level 1 textbook. I'm not bad at speaking (helped along by my Japanese partner) but my writing is atrocious. Can't. remember. the. kanji.

Cute pencil case, from Japan.

Fun pens, pencils and eraser, from Japan. I've got sooo much Japanese stationary loot.

My notebook for class notes.

The practice notes for tomorrow's speaking exam, which I really am going to start working on right after posting this. Have to memorise it!

Since the month of June started, this little gem is in my bag. Before class I'm grabbing a snack with a food voucher from here - love City of Perth food and arts events :)

So there it is. Sorry about the lack of library content today. Here's a quick library question for readers - do you speak / learn any other languages? Have you ever used them at work with clients? Now I'm off to do some serious study. 頑張る!(I'm going to try really hard!)