Wednesday, June 19, 2013

20. What I miss...

Yesterday when I got home from work (another day in front of the computer), I cooked a delicious Thai chicken soup, ate it with my partner, did the dishes and then thought, what next... and realised that I had no motivation whatsoever to turn on my computer or pick up my phone. I felt exhausted at the idea of it. I hadn't missed a day of #blogjune until yesterday. But I've been finding it increasingly to be a chore. I don't feel bad about missing a day (well, just a little bit...) but I need a plan to be able to continue. Instead of blogging last night I started a new book. It was   A Tale for the Time Being, by Ruth Ozeki. I read half of it last night - couldn't put it down - and enjoyed it so much that I'm planning on doing the exact same thing tonight. So here's the plan. Instead of blogging in the evening, I'm going to blog during the day. It may be about library things or it may just be whatever pops in to my head, like this post which I am using as a pep-talk to myself. Judging by other recent #blogjune posts, I'm not the only one who is feeling challenged, so thank you for writing about it, people - I'm sure we are drawing inspiration from one another.

I also spent a bit of time yesterday watching the great collection of library-related videos that have been collected as part of the ANZ 23 Mobile Things course. Some of them were SO FUNNY. Watch them here - Library movies on YouTube. Click PLAY ALL and make it a movie marathon. I did.

The students at the college where I work are finishing their exams this week. For some of them it's the end of their degrees (I remember that feeling!) and for others it's just the beginning. Lots of them have exciting things lined up - travel, starting a new business venture or project... Did you ever notice that during periods of intensity like studying for exams (or #blogjune!) you develop this feeling of really strong motivation for doing other things in you life - the things that are missing during that intense period? What I've started to miss is reading fiction and traveling. One more easily remedied than the other!

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