Saturday, June 6, 2015

When inspiration doesn't strike

On the weekends I try not to think about or do work or library stuff, so I was a bit stuck as to what to write about today. But as usual, reading other people's blogjune blogs has delivered the inspiration -  I'll write about what's going on with me right now, in list format (like Kate and Con did).
I'm reading - Kate Atkinson's A God in Ruins
I'm watching - A friend lent me The I.T. Crowd, which I'm just about to start
I'm cooking - raw food salty peanut chocolate slices (ok, that's not actually cooking), and lentil & pumpkin stew
I'm drinking - hot herbal tea
I'm thinking - about how to make extra money on the side to fund my hobbies
I'm taking - a day off work on Monday for some ME time
I'm missing - Japan - the food and the craft supplies
I'm enjoying - making stuff and wearing winter clothes
I'm making - another knitted jumper (a little bit each day) and sewing a winter dress (which should be finished tomorrow)
I'm planning - my extended trip to Sydney for NLS7 and holiday
I'm listening - to a CD called Night Cafe