Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Small library chaos

Today was a funny day at the library. It started out with me not being able to get in. The automatic sliding door had jambed and broken in the closed position, accompanied by a loud beeping alarm. I had three interviews lined up for a casual position, so this was not the start to the day I was looking for! The technician came within an hour and set out his tools and ladders all over the entrance. Lucky it's the mid year break with not too many students around. When he went into the ceiling he found some cable that had burn damage which caused a bit of panic and calls to the electricians, campus manager, building manager and so on. The sparkies arrived and spread out their equipment over the remaining free space on the floor. I got busy thinking about the location of the fire equipment, how to use the fire equipment, the fact that the burn damage was right over the only library exit... A fire can start so easily! But - false alarm, the cable was an old one that wasn't connected to anything and had been heat damaged by lights that had been removed long ago. The automatic door was quickly fixed, the vacuum got rid of all the dust and fluff that had fallen from the roof and the library was restored to normality about 5 minutes before the first interview of the day.

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