Monday, June 1, 2015

The Monday Meme

I'll join in the #blogjune Monday meme - thanks for getting us started Bun-toting Librarian and of course to Con for coordinating.

List 5 things you’re looking forward to about #blogjune

1. I'm looking forward to doing things in a different way to previous years where I blogged quite randomly about 'library' stuff (this will be my third blogjune). This time around I'll be blogging with the theme of 'Today's Aha! Moment' or 'What I Learned Today', in relation to library life. My posts won't be lengthy, but they will be reflective. I'm pretty sure I learn something new everyday (especially work days!).

2. As the only librarian on my campus, I always enjoy connecting with library peeps in the wider world. Especially the variety of topics that people write about as part of blogjune, its always inspriring and sets me to dreaming of possibilities. June is a relatively quiet period at work with the students doing exams, so the timing is good for me to get reflective.

3. I'm looking forward to the challenge of writing every day. I seem to recall I didn't quite make it last year - hence the theme this year! This list is also turning out to be a challenge (FIVE things!)...

4. I'm looking forward to having my blog come to life again. Since I have a work blog (in Sharepoint), I haven't really been keeping up with this blog. Also, I've been spending every spare moment lately doing things that make me happy - reading, running, knitting and sewing clothes for myself. I'm feeling so content and settled at the moment, after so many years of travelling and changing jobs every couple of years. I've been in my current job for 3 years now and still happy!

5. Finally, I always enjoy reading everyone's blogs, whether they're writing about library related topics or not. And there seem to be some first timers who I'm looking forward to reading too - yay :) 

Oh, and what I learned today - from reading everyone's initial blogpost for blogjune, I realised again just how beautiful diversity amongst people is. Thanks for your stories - they're what make us human.